Thanks to the collaboration with the main universities and high schools in the area, Forgiatura Moderna Arese offers training projects dedicated to students, grad students and recent graduates.

School-Work Alternation

FMA regularly hosts high school students for the development of dedicated paths, adapted in order to fit the course of study, which allow young people to test their practical dispositions and interests and to increase their orientation skills in order to simplify the choice of their future field of study or work.

Grad Students and Recent Graduates

Thanks to the continuous contact with the main universities, Forgiatura Moderna Arese often offers curricular and extra-curricular internships; it’s an excellent opportunity for students to carry out a professional and educational experience which allows them to better understand the corporate dynamics and the fields of application of the subjects that they have studied in the classroom.

It is also possible to carry out thesis projects in collaboration with FMA, these projects typically investigate and study technical and specific aspects of the company’s operation and production process. In this way, students have the opportunity to build an in-depth project by experiencing the company reality and enriching their theoretical and practical knowledge.

From the point of view of the company, collaborative projects with schools and universities represent a crucial aspect in the active involvement of the community and allow new talents to be attracted and developed internally in view of the inclusion of new resources which will enrich the corporate culture and keep it up to date.

Forgiatura Moderna Arese